API Recommended Practices for the design and operation of GoM platforms have evolved in recent years due to the impact of large hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. This evolution of the API offshore practice is based primarily on work performed by the API HEAT Committee, interim API guidelines (e.g., API 2INT-EX), results from updated technology, and the ultimate harmonization of API RP 2A and ISO 19902. This paper summarizes the latest version of the proposed API RP 2SIM (Structural Integrity Management) and clarifies the intent and basis for the proposed revisions to previous draft versions of API RP 2SIM.


API RP 2SIM (RP2SIM) has been the subject of recent papers that clearly explain its overall intent, philosophy, and link to international and existing API practices. In summary, SIM (Structural Integrity Management) is a rational framework for evaluating the integrity of a structure through its entire life cycle. SIM was first incorporated into international practice in the mid-1990s in Draft E of ISO 19902. ISO 19902 was officially published in 2007.

RP2SIM incorporates sections of ISO 19902, API RP 2A 21st Ed. (Section 14 and Section 17) and API 2INT-EX as a basis with a significant expansion in explanation and clarification. RP 2SIM has been organized around the framework of the overall SIM process consisting of Data, Evaluation, Strategy and Program. The main sections of the document are as follows:

  • Section 1: Introduction, Purpose and Scope

  • Section 2: Normative References

  • Section 3: Definitions and Acronyms

  • Section 4: Structural Integrity Management Process

  • Section 5: Surveys

  • Section 6: Damage Evaluation

  • Section 7: Structural Assessment Process

  • Section 8: Assessment Criteria and Loads - API 20th Edition and Earlier Platforms

  • Section 9: Assessment Criteria and Loads - API 21st Edition and Later Platforms

  • Section 10: Mitigation and/or Risk Reduction

  • Section 11: Decommissioning

The reader is referred to O'Connor et al. (2005) and Puskar et al. (2006) for further details on each of these sections. RP2SIM will replace the portion of API Bulletin 2INT-EX related to fixed platforms. The original intent of 2INT-EX was an " interim?? guidance document based upon results of the HEAT studies that indicated an assessment was recommended for fixed high consequence L-1 and A-1 structures and floating structures located in the Central Region of the GoM. The Central Region is the location of the largest increase in the estimated extreme hurricane conditions. The " interim?? notation for the EX Bulletin designates that it will be ultimately replaced by other API documents, in this case RP2SIM for fixed platforms. 2INT-EX will be fully replaced once the associated floating structure API documents have been updated to account for assessment, with this work currently underway within API.

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