This paper presents an enhanced design approach for sand removal systems and produced water treatment systems as well as lessons learned from pilot studies and installations on semi-submersible platforms and FPSO platforms in the Campos Basin.

Reduction of residence time and loss of production due to the accumulation of sand in production separators is a recognized problem worldwide. Interruption of production for removal of accumulated sand in production separators, abrasion to pumps, valves, and accessories, as well as the risk of oil production loss can be greatly reduced or eliminated by a new approach by continuously desanding production separators. Test and field experience shows how this approach can effectively be applied to any production separator or vessel where sand is produced and where space is limited.

Occupying a small amount of space, the system discussed (which includes a desander, solids collection vessel and eductors) continually cleans the production separator while desanding and collecting sand in a contained system. This approach, offering superior desanding efficiency, greatly decreases the inherent problems of formation sand at the surface by eliminating interruptions in production due to sand removal and repairs caused by sand, as well as collects the sand in an easier, cleaner, and dryer (more oil free) state.

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