This paper will include:

  • The technical basis

  • The work processes

  • Plans and visions for the future

The paper gives an overview over field tried equipment, pilot tested equipment and the synergy effect when combing the different technical solutions in future drilling scenarios.

Drilltronics is an integrated control system for real time monitoring and control of the drilling process. Based on mathematical computer models for dynamic real-time analysis of the well behavior, critical limits for operational parameters like drilling fluid pump rate, trip velocity and optimal process parameters are calculated. The result of the calculations is applied directly to control drilling equipment in real time. The Drilltronics system has been field tested on the Statfjord C platform. Combining the Drilltronics system with wired pipe, decision support programs, and continuous measurements of drilling fluid parameters give synergy effects that in future may allow remote operated drilling systems.

To handle drilling through sections with large pressure variations between individual layers or between the overburden and the reservoir future drilling practice will change. Rotary steerable liner drilling systems will be available primo 2008. StatoilHydro and one of StatoilHydro's suppliers are developing a 9 5/8?? and a 7?? system. A full drilling tool package can be included in the system. By combining steerable liner drilling with the expandable pipe technology and managed pressure drilling methods, lot of to-days drilling challenges can be solved.


StatoilHydro has identified Automated Drilling Systems (ADS) as one of our major technological efforts in a relatively near future. The technology as such is to a large extent at hand. It is a matter of taking the technology into operation. Our experience is that many of the drilling problems are related to human error or rather; slow response wrt corrective actions. ADS has the capability, if designed correctly, to eliminate this type of misbehaviour. It is mandatory to design the Automated Drilling Systems such that the general progress in operation is not slowed down.

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