Digital Energy - defined as the convergence of 'Energy', 'IT' and 'Communications systems' is starting to pay some dividends through reduced operating costs, higher productivity, safer operations and increased production and reserve growth. In fact, it's starting to deliver some of the promise of what was once 'sold' as automation, Business Process Re-engineering, Continuous Improvement, Management of Change, etc. End to end connectivity from down-hole in the reservoir to the sales meter with integration on into the financial reporting systems has been envisioned for years. Value is being found in both incremental solutions as well as full integrated approaches. This session presents case studies and assessments performed by the industry's leading operators, service companies, and consultants covering topics such as;

  • Value creation, through both cost cutting and rate and reserve growth

  • data integration, management and access, and standardization

  • real-time, remote field monitoring and control

  • workflow processes and decision analysis and support

  • how to over come barriers to commercialization

Delivering light, heat and mobility to the world's six billion people in a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly manner is the challenge - and Digital Energy solutions will be a huge part of the answer.

Introduction and overview

The discussion of Digital Energy has evolved over the past several years - beginning with euphoria (following the dotcom boom) of its revolutionary possibilities, through inwardfocusing attempts for the key players to try to find out "what's in this for me", to the current state where implemented pilot projects are showing how to apply these concepts and technologies to both existing and new assets. Some consider the pursuit of Digital Energy to be a journey rather than a destination. In either case, the industry has turned the corner; it is and will continue to be 'digital.' There is no going back to a pre-digital era.

The questions for the future of digital Energy center around how to best take advantage of the technological and human resources to;

  • extend the lives of existing hydrocarbon assets through operating cost reductions and operational efficiencies,

  • most effectively grow reserves and rate and.

  • find, develop and produce new fields

Sessions such as the OTC and SPE / www.TheEnergyForum.com Digital Energy series are focused on giving key players the opportunity to outline up-to-date thinking on the topic and also to illustrate, through real examples, the progress, challenges and expectations of the day. Among the issues presented both in the session papers and during the conference (selected power point presentations from the session are also available):
  • Where have we been - what is the current state of implementation of digital technologies?

  • Where are we going - what are the near term and longer term goals and expectations?

  • What roadmaps will we follow - and what's more important: the journey or the destination? And who is driving?

  • Is the pace of the journey satisfactory? If not, then why?

  • Are there systemic barriers that impede our progress - what are they?

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