Bergesen dy Offshore have provided the FPSOs for both phase 1 and 1A developments of the Ceiba Field, with ABB as their process subcontractor designing, fabricating, and operating the required process facilities.

The phase 1 FPSO Sendje Berge was in operation 14 months after Triton's first oil discovery at the Ceiba Field. The upgraded (phase 1A) FPSO, the Sendje Ceiba, produced First Oil 14 months after Triton ordered the additional process modules.

This paper describes how the Bergesen generic FPSOs were modified to meet Triton's requirements for phase 1 and 1A developments, installed in field and started up, all within the ambitious schedules required by Triton.


In October 1999 Bergesen presented the concept of a Generic FPSO to Triton Energy (TE). This coincided with Triton having issued their tender for Early Production System on the Ceiba field. The specifications and the schedule for Bergesen's first Generic FPSO were a close match to the requirements set by Triton for their EPS. In addition, the FPSO provided a very good platform for a phased development of the Ceiba field.

Moreover, the business cultures of Triton and Bergesen Offshore matched. Being part of a major shipping company, Bergesen Offshore is focused on the services to be provided, i.e. to produce oil, rather than the engineering focus often found in big offshore projects.

Generic FPSO - "The Basis"

Bergesen Offshore was founded 1999 with the objective to develop Low cost, Tanker based Floating Production Systems for use in benign areas, such as offshore West Africa.

Oil-field characteristics were gathered from oil companies with current and future activities offshore West Africa. This provided the basis for developing a Generic FPSO, which was to have process and utility systems suitable for a large variety of fields. The design should also allow for simple modifications and upgrades where this is required from operators.

In short, the FPSO should be characterised by:

  • Designed for a wide range of fields

  • Low cost to be attractive even for EPS and small fields

  • Flexible design to allow for easy field specific upgrades

  • Well suited for phased development

The two main factors that support these goals are:

  • Tankers with ample deck space

  • Modularized and fit for purpose process design

Bergesen did a bid-round with several process suppliers in order to find the one that would support our objective. The selection of ABB was based on:

  • Lean and Mean attitude

  • Hardware-as opposed to engineering oriented

  • Focus on delivery time.

Key factors in the design of the process are:

  • Flexible separation design (high capacity and prepared for variety of configurations of internals.

  • Large heat exchanger capacities.

  • Prepared to interface various additional equipment and injection points if reservoir characteristics change.

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