When performing any redevelopment or complementary project assessment, there are usually common characteristics that an operator could face, for instance reuse of existing assets, marginal fields, etc. However, due to project development strategies in Petrobras and Brazilian regulation and scenarios, there are some specific additional challenges, such as environmental constraints. This paper aims to present actual case studies from Brazilian fields, highlighting some challenges, opportunities and keys to success with associated results, that ensured projects technical and economic feasibility. By the end of this paper, one should realize that challenges and opportunities faced in Brazilian mature fields' subsea design are often similar from a broad perspective; hence, the keys to success can also be reproduced from scenario to scenario, with few specific adaptations, case by case. Such conclusion allows a portfolio approach, anticipating challenges and, thus, motivating the development of desirable novel solutions, such as new technologies and methods of methods. This will lead to saving costs and reduction of risk and time of deployment.

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