ULTRA is a novel and advanced flow assurance coating technology recently introduced in the Brazilian market for upcoming, and challenging, offshore projects expected in the next years. This coating technology has been used for over 9 years, and has been designed, applied and installed in offshore projects worldwide. Particularly over the last year, this thermal insulation system has been applied for a major project in Brazil. It is a thermal insulation system composed of fusion bonded epoxy and styrenic materials. A base 3-layer coating, followed by one or more insulation layers of solid or foamed styrene, and a high ductility outer shield were engineered to outperform some of existing solutions in terms of hydrostatic pressure, subsea stability, overall insulation thickness and associated installation costs. Application trials have been successfully performed to validate plant capabilities for applying the wide range of styrene-based system solutions, for shallow and deep waters. Test results demonstrated that foam and solid versions have a sweet spot in which the system outperforms similar to the wet insulation solutions existing in the Brazilian market. Its solid and foam systems demonstrated capability of delivering lower U - values (Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient) due to their lower thermal conductivity. The benefit of lower thermal conductivity is reflected in a reduced coating thickness and opportunities for potential savings during the transportation and installation activities. In the coming years, the offshore industry in Brazil will demand wet insulation systems delivering improved thermal performance. Hence, lower U value with lower CAPEX and in deeper water depths. This insulation system is a proven flow assurance coating technology, addressing those challenges and now available in the Brazilian market.

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