Offshore industry has about three decades of experience with the development and deployment of floating and subsea technologies in deep (> 500 m) and ultra-deep (> 1,500 m) waters. Most of the ultra-deep water experience has been gained from fields in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and West of Africa. Significant exploration and development activities undergoing in deep and ultra-deep waters of more than eight South American countries require low cost solutions to enable their development.

This Panel will present and discuss the innovative initiatives undertaken by the industry for further development of solutions and technologies for deepwater production facilities (floating and subsea units, risers, umbilicals, flowlines and pipelines) to reduce their capital and operating costs. The innovative initiatives range from variations in the design and execution plans to qualification of specific new technologies. The digitalization of these facilities is also providing means to further reduce capital and operating costs and enhance productivity, safety, and reduce environmental impact. In addition, the potential value from renewable energy to subsea and field operations is being evaluated.

These initiatives are in various stages of development and some are being implemented in deepwater fields in Brazil and Guyana. Several of these innovative technology initiatives will go from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5 to 7 in South American fields after operating for more than 3 years.

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