Maintenance shutdown tasks on offshore platforms generate large revenue losses for companies in addition to high costs, partially caused by environmental adverse conditions, distances from workplaces, and large volume of materials. The use of an efficient asset controlling and monitoring system reduces these costs and improves their resource management. This work describes the development of a web/mobile architecture system integrated with radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders for asset tracking in maintenance shutdown processes on offshore platforms.

For this study development, we visited an oil and gas company, located in the city of Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to analyze its processes. The company was facing problems on its asset management, and tracking material processes. The former takes place in two different sites. It is performed not only on-shore, but also offshore (on oil and gas platforms). Therefore, it was developed a web/mobile system integrated with RFID transponders to tackle these problems.

This system enhances efficiency in processes, reduces costs and losses because of production downtime. Its tracking is able to save up to 5.5 (five and a half) days at the laydown yard and approximately 7 (seven) days on the platform. Besides that, it ensures greater assertiveness, thus decreasing the level of materials’ replacement in the tasks, which was one of the main causes for delays in these processes. Other results are related to its managerial processes. They became automated once the RFID system integrates data in real time, and all the items from tasks defined as priorities were identified. The experimented efficiency suggests to use open source tools to reduce the system development costs, and analyze the use of RFID throughout the oil and gas supply chain, as well as studying other applications and systems in different supply chains, focusing on ways to optimize costs for the company. Additionally, it enabled the monitoring of assets and processes throughout the supply chain, besides providing information and knowledge for companies.

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