The Peregrino project, located in the post-salt zone of the Campos basin, imposes immense challenges for drilling extended- reach wells. This paper shares the accomplishments and challenges imposed by the well profile and downhole environment on the design and execution phases. Information is included about the solutions deployed that guaranteed reaching the target depth as planned, provides details about the well planning methodology, bottomhole assembly (BHA) design practices, drill bit selection as well as data monitoring and procedures for maximizing the transfer of power downhole and minimizing rock cutting energy. In summary, this paper reviews the details behind the successful drilling of 2268 meters inside a depleted reservoir section. A rotary steerable system was combined with a modular positive displacement motor while geosteering per a geologist's instructions in a drilling scenario of high torque, low weight on bit and water-based drilling fluid, without any trips to change the drill bit. The synergy between the operator and service companies was translated into practical steps, demonstrating that the collaborative approach was relevant and made it possible for drilling further.

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