During development of FPSO projects for Brazilian pre-salt exploration, some cases regarding instrumentation requirements and specification checks in detailed design were analyzed due to its complexity and deep influence in platform safety and operability. Those cases were identified in constructability reviews and, applying Computer Aided Engineering tools, queries were developed to detect those issues in order to identify and solve inconsistencies between several involved disciplines in detailed design prior to procurement, construction and commissioning phases.

According to AACE International "Constructability is the integration of construction expertise into all phases of the project to benefit cost, schedule, quality, and overall project objectives. The successful use of construction knowledge and expertise increases the probability of project success."

Instrumentation team detected, in Constructability reviews, some issues with huge impact in procurement, construction and commissioning phases, if not properly solved. Engineering design automation team were then involved to develop a set of queries to detect those cases and obtain proper data, from design database, which was then used to determine detail design consistency level and take corrective measures.

Three queries were developed to be applied over CAE tools databases for special cases in verification of instrumentation requirements.

Constructability value improving practices combined with CAE tools were the key factor for success in detecting and preventing inconsistencies concerning instrumentation specifications. Constructability is the systematic method that integrates, from the initial stages of the project, knowledge and experience in construction and assembly in all phases to enhance competitiveness and ensure predictability of proposed results.

Considering the amount of documents and interfaces existing in megaprojects, automated verification saves time and resources compared to conventional methods.

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