This paper will describe the merits of deploying the Electro-mechanical cutting tool with the Intelligent Coiled Tubing, the advantage of this cutting method compared to ballistic, chemicals and other mechanical devices in terms of precision, time saving, safety and real time cutting assurance, as well as the added advantages generated by the Intelligent Coiled Tubing by itself on the overall operation.

The recent introduction of Intelligent Coiled Tubing services, equipped with real time downhole tools communication and power down capabilities within the market, has made possible the deployment of the electro-mechanical multiple cutting tool on Coiled Tubing. The emergence of this technology, allows the cutting tool to perform operations in previously unreachable environments, taking advantage of the Intelligent Coiled Tubing high level of efficiency and reliability, which historically was a concern when running wire line in horizontal wells.

With an increase in Plug and Abandonment projects expected, especially in deep water environments, new challenges will arise when it comes to cutting and retrieving completions. The electro-mechanical cutters have proven in recent years to be an extremely reliable, efficient, and a safe method to perform cutting operations in tubulars, sand screens, as well as releasing packers. The paper will present a case history detailing the methodology, and the involved pre-job planning, deployment, risk management& modeling, demonstrating the completeness of this solution and highlighting its reliability.

The paper will show how the combination of the Intelligent Coiled Tubing combined with the Electro-Mechanical Cutting device can render the usage of ballistic, chemical and other mechanical devices as unnecessary in challenging environments that rely on conventional Coiled Tubing

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