The Campos basin is offshore Brazil in deep water and has unconsolidated formation characteristics. As such, wells located in this area are usually completed using sand control techniques. In the Roncador field, a vertical well with multiple pay intervals required a sand control solution for each zone. The primary challenge was to complete the total gross interval using a cost-effective sand control method that allowed selectively stimulating five zones and producing without solids.

The largest multipurpose oilfield stimulation vessel in the world was assigned to perform its first deepwater offshore multistage fracpack treatment, which is a combination of fracturing stimulation and gravel packing. The five individual treatment stages were successfully performed as designed using multitrip sliding sleeves, which would later allow selective production of the zones. This allowed the operator to selectively isolate the intervals during completion of each one. In addition, this was the first time using a new sand-storage system and blender without a tube, which provided better reliability and a shorter response time.

The operator and service providers collaborated to design the multistage well completion, providing both sand control and stimulation. The treatment plan was performed by this large modern service vessel without any reports of incidents or lost time. Additionally, all operational data were transmitted in real time to onshore operator and service company facilities. The five-stage treatment plan was performed in only 28 days, representing an estimated savings of 15 rig days for the operator compared to completions using a conventional treatment method.

This paper reviews a deepwater Campos basin well that has multiple pays and potential sand production. The operator and service provider applied new completion technology for stimulation/sand control, which provided several advantages, including a significant reduction in required rig days. This was the first opportunity for the large stimulation vessel to conduct such an operation, and the performance of both the equipment and service crew was excellent.

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