Reservoir Geomechanics is an important tool to study phenomena like compaction, fault reactivation and fracture propagation, which occur in several offshore sandstone and carbonate reservoirs in Brazil. This work summarizes the main R&D works developed in reservoir geomechanics in Brazil in recent years, as well as the main challenges the company will face in the next decades.

Amongst others, the following subjects with their main challenges are discussed:

A typical work to develop a Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) for geomechanical studies;

Studies for compaction and dilation in sandstone and carbonate fields;

Fault reactivation and its main implications, like the connection of different layers or even different fields;

Numerical studies developed for some special fields;

Studies for Injection with fracture propagation pressure;

Works in progress to monitor faults and fractures;

Studies made together with universities in Brazil and other countries;

The main conclusion is that several progresses have been made in reservoir geomechanics, but a lot of work and investment in R&D must still be done in order to solve the problems related to reservoir geomechanics in the main fields of the company, particularly those located in deep water environment.

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