The optimization of passenger transportation system takes on an increasingly important role in case of the large distance from onshore to offshore floating units. Especially, if number of offshore floating units is large. As a solution of this issue, authors introduce the results of the feasibility study of the Logistics Hub System which aims at the application to offshore Brazil.

The authors investigated the situation of the logistics around the offshore production units based on announced information. In consideration of number of transferred workers, weather conditions in offshore Brazil, daily operation, emergency response and so on, we developed the conceptual design of Logistics Hub System for passengers, which consists of the floating hub unit and high speed vessels. Feasibility and operability of conceptual system were confirmed by numerical simulations, model tests and risk analysis.

Shape of the floating hub is selected semi-submersible type and the high speed vessel is a trimaran type. The floating hub has a berthing area inside of it, and high speed vessel will berth to this berthing area. Feasibility of this berthing operation was confirmed by model tests and maneuvering simulator. Also risk analysis was conducted and design of the floating hub and high speed vessels were considered results of this analysis. The point of view from operability, we checked relative motions between the floating hub and the high speed vessel for safety embark or disembark from the high speed vessel to the floating hub. These results shows the Logistics Hub System for passengers has enough feasibility and operability, and it will able to reduce the operation cost and accidental risk compared with transfer operation by using only helicopters from onshore to offshore platforms. This paper reveals the technical feasibility of the Logistic Hub System in terms of safe and efficient transportation of workers. It will contribute to the future development of oil and gas fields which has large distance from onshore.

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