LiuHua4-1 &LiuHua19-5 oil/gas fields are the first batch of Chinese self-developed projects using subsea production system in the Pearl River Marine Basin (PRMB) of South China Sea. We installed 10 sub-sea horizontal trees by a single hull vessel "HYSY708" and a semi-submersible "NH5" in the block, the completion execution phase was performed on Moored Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) with no prior experience in subsea completions from June 2011 to January 2014. Value creation activities were employed to raise the awareness and competence of the rig team to transform improvement opportunities into high performance goals.

This paper presents an integrated completion program developed and implemented for reservoir characterization and formation evaluation in South China Sea. Completion fluid and treatment fluid were carefully selected and tested for well-specific conditions. The program used a combination of various completion techniques such as material corrosion, hydrate prevention, subsea horizontal tree installation, work string design optimization, subsea canned dual ESP completion system, intelligent well completion, emergency response in complex condition, etc. The integrated completion programs were designed and modified to meet the project delivery timeline and cost constraints, while responding to the challenge of properly testing the oil/gas reservoir.

This paper also presents completion data analysis results and summarizes the encountered challenges and learned lessons from field operations. Specifically, we present field operation results and explain the key program elements.

The learned lessons and gained experiences from the field operation presented here provide valuable guidance for future deep-water oil /gas exploration and development operations.

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