To capture and display the cathodic protection information in the computer screen of the Onshore Engineers that provide the maintenance of the petroleum platforms, this is achieved using a remote system to send the signal from offshore and installing reference fixed electrodes of silver/silver chloride in the legs of the platforms. The problem is that is very difficult and expensive to obtain the cathodic protection potentials below the surface in the legs of the platforms, because of the difficulty to manage the reference electrode in this site. The operator which is located in the ship is the worker who manage and locate the reference electrode. This task is complicated because of the tilt and depth of the platform legs so that the readings couldn't not be so accurate. The wires and the electrode which are hanging from the top of the ship, are thrown to the subsea along the metallic legs to obtain the cathodic potential readings, the movement from waves and position could affect the accuracy of the readings. To avoid this problem, is proposed and recommended to fix the electrodes to de wall of the legs, far away the anodes installed previously in the structures. This is because the potential signal is weaker in far areas. It is necessary to install many reference electrodes to cover the immerse structures; all depends on the cathodic protection arrangement. Each electrode ought to be connected using wire caliper 14AWG/16AWG to a Junction Box that will be located on the top of the platform. The signal will be sent from the junction box, using systems based on satellite and mobile communications technology or telecommunication systems.

Once the fixed reference electrodes be installed, the cost of maintenance will be substantially reduced, because the rent of ships won´t be necessary. On the other hand the readings will be obtained at the moment, just in the instant time. To improve the system is necessary to install a current rectifier instead zinc active anodes in order to send polarization electrons along the structure. There is no a similar job around the world, so that it could be an opportunity to the Cathodic Protection Engineers to improve their systems, minimizing maintenance costs and obtaining information immediately that is obtained

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