This article is based on a new study for marginal fields Crudo Ligero Marino project, whose purpose was to define a methodology and investment options to meet your goals and profitability criteria.

For this case study, five are considered marginal fields assigned to the project, which have been documented year after year without being able to obtain financing to start their stage of development, that having to compete for financial resources to other more profitable fields. To meet this goal aims to generate improvement levers to achieve those investments meet the criteria of efficiency of capital. These levers will be focused on increasing to meet higher investment income and allowing the project to meet its production targets. To accomplish the above, a methodology based on two stages was used. The first to consider the individual assessment of fields, which involve three main aspects: 1) Analysis of current business case, 2) Identification of initially documented and 3) Analysis levers identified value created by levers, for the definition of using levers. The second stage is the search for synergies to review opportunities for production and consolidation of final results, where aspects of production and investment are determined. This methodology was called as MEAPTEC "Methodology for investment projects applying technical, financial and business levers".

The application of the methodology was made by forming an integrated group consisting of a project manager and technical specialists in static and dynamic reservoir characterization, business modelers and financial analysts.

At the conclusion of the study levers of technical improvement and optimization of investments for the development of these fields they are identified. However, one of them was not possible to achieve improvement has mainly concluded that information is not consistent in its exploratory well.

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