This paper reports the special product development of Zhejiang Guxiandao Industrial Fibre Co., Ltd in partnership with MBB Enterprises Inc. Guxiandao is localizated in Paojiang, Industrial Zone Shaoxing City in Zhejiang /China and it is the largest industrial polyester manufacturer and supplier in the world (Zhejiang Guxiandao, 2013). This special yarn development uses the latest direct spinning LSP technology(OERLIKON BARMAG, 2013; ZHEJIANG SCI-TECH, 2013) and could be used not only in deep water but also successfully in Ultra Deep FPSO moorings where water depths were between 1500 and 3000 meters, now common on the sub-salt offshore fields. These yarn characteristics are key to produce mooring ropes that are very strong, and with high modulus (stiffer) as compared with current yarn offering, far exceeding the ISO 18692 (2007) mechanical requirements withtype approval from DNV, ABS and B.V. LankhorstEuronete do Brasil (LEB) developed in 2012 theirCABRAL 512 mooring rope using this Guxiandao yarn (G3014HQ) incorporating several rope construction innovations by reducing yarn twisting, strand torsion and increasing subrope braiding pitch as much as possible. Less twist results in lower attrition between fibers which leads to stiffer strands with higher tenacity and more to fatigue resistance. The CABRAL 512yielded breaking strength results that are 510% higher than the designed MBL, even after removing several yarn ends on each sub-rope. The improved yarn allowed Lankhort to further reduce rope'slinear density. Rope elongation was reduced from 11% to 8% meeting the stiffness criteria to reduce the FPSO offset for water depths above 2000 meters. From early 2012 to date, over 6000 tons of this yarn (G3014HQ) has been used on several FPSO projects for Petrobras, SOFEC/MODEC and SBM. All ropers have been approved and passed certification criteria required by ABS and DNV. The next step is to develop the market in Europe to supply ropes to FPSO located in North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.

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