As the oil and gas industry moves to more challenging completions and drilling of ultra-deep, high-pressure wells, emerging technologies are required to increase reliability while maximizing performance and minimizing operational costs. The development of a high-strength disintegrating metallic (HSDM) material is one such technology. HSDM incorporates high ultimate-compressive strength (UCS) and an engineered disintegrating mechanism tailored per application. The high-strength rating of HSDM accelerated the development of disintegrating gas lift valves (GLV) which reduce non-productive rig time by eliminating an intervention run. The unique lightweight property enabled tripping balls, capable of holding 15 ksi frac pressures, to have comparable densities to weaker phenolic materials. The ability for the new composite metallic to disintegrate in common wellbore fluids provides flow assurance by eliminating production risks provided by common tripping balls. These applications validated the reliability of the material with hundreds of GLVs and thousands of tripping balls utilized in wells around the world. The technology was expanded into high-impacting telescoping ports (HITP), pre-perforated liners and other applications meant to increase the efficiency of delivery systems in hydraulic fracturing or acid stimulation treatments. The HSDM is highly compatible with oil-based mud systems, enabling this smart material to be incorporated within drilling liners or extended-reach production strings while operating as a fluid-loss barrier. The application enables the operator to ensure proper fluid placement while having the option to displace to brine systems or acid to remove the HSDM barriers to provide formation access. This paper outlines the development of the innovative smart material and presents the inclusion and functionality of HSDM within many applications.

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