Field developments, from greenfield to mature field rejuvenation are challenging and there are various possible options. Attention to production risks and flow assurance issues are key in determining what type of production concept that is optimal for any field in question.

Sand production issues can have a severe impact on any field architecture but this can be remediated by the use of sand removal technologies. With the advances in separation technology and the feasibility of using subsea separation solutions, there can be many benefits in terms of reducing erosion and clogging risks as well as enabling prevention of gas hydrates. Subsea separation can be an important enabler for field development decisions.

Some key technologies for subsea separation solutions, such as gas/liquid separators, desanders and hydrocyclones have been qualified for subsea applications and have been proven topsides. Gas/Liquid separation can be part of subsea solutions aimed to minimize formation risks of gas hydrate in the risers. Ongoing development work can contribute to reduce complexity and total project costs for field developments.

Adequate technology qualification for new technology should be done utilizing a large-scale realistic conditions flow loop.

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