For the decades ahead, the energy demand growth will require an expansion in the Oil & Gas (O&G) Industry and consequently, more complex areas will have to be explored in order to comply with the energy supply needs. Examples of these complex areas are the Brazilian Pre-salt basins which have significant importance due to their massive reserves to be explored. The challenges due to the complexity of pre-salt layer and the lack of experience to explore these areas has led to new requirements from regulatory agencies and adoption of special measures in order to ensure a safer, more affordable and environmentally responsible exploration. Thus, it is clear the importance of discussing the hazards involving pre-salt exploration and the different risk-based methodologies that can be applied in order to ensure the safety of pre-salt facilities according to recognized international health and safety standards. This paper provides key components to provide a successful Risk Assessment in order to enable the justification of investment to improve the safety and consequently the confidence in performing challenging operations of Exploration & Production (E&P) in the pre-salt areas.

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