During the past dozen years, Ziff Energy has studied the Operating Costs and Uptime Reliability of Offshore Operations in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Asia Pacific and South America (i.e. Brazil). In all, Ziff Energy has detailed operations data for more than 900 offshore assets in 20 countries. These include Shelf and Deepwater assets, including older platforms, high productivity ‘LNG Feed' offshore gas fields, and all types of production systems (from fixed structures to subsea wells, spars, TLP's and FPSO's). Ziff Energy Group's Operating Efficiency/Reliability methodology provides a unique opportunity for offshore operators to compare their operations performance with other operators' similar operations. This presentation will include an overview of the metrics calculated and the lessons learned in measuring the uptime reliability performance of offshore operations, drawing on examples from our extensive experience. We will compare Offshore operations from around the world (e.g. by production system).


The presentation will highlight uptime/production reliability performance issues associated with production losses in offshore operations. The presentation will present a sample of case studies (key findings) and will outline the role of performance assessment in guiding the continuous improvement of operations efficiency and reliability.

Results, Observations, and Conclusions

The presentation will provide production efficiency assessments from Ziff Energy's Offshore studies of oil and gas operations. Challenges in completing an assessment of Offshore Production Efficiency will be addressed, including differences between operators in their definitions of planned and unplanned losses. The presentation will include a look at the benefits of peer assessment of Offshore Operations.

Significance of Subject Matter

The presentation provides new performance management tools (metrics) by production systems:

  1. Uptime Reliability

  2. Key Performance Indicators - Metrics

These tools are useful for managing the operations performance of offshore fields, which help operations management extend the economic life of their fields.

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