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Ladies and gentlemen good morning — my thanks to the OTC Brazil's Program Committee for the invitation to be here today to present the ODS??Petrodata view on the supply vessel market.

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First a few words about the company I am representing. ODS??Petrodata has this year become a part of the global information company IHS. Our mutual goal is to be the source of critical information and insight within the energy markets.

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ODS??Petrodata is an independent market intelligence company, and our only agenda is to present reliable data and relevant information about the oil & gas markets. We are mostly known for our databases tracking all existing and planned offshore fields as well as tracking historic and contracted activity for all offshore rigs & vessels. We also have a significant consultancy business that will be further strengthened by being integrated with IHS.

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The focus of this presentation is the outlook for the Brazilian supply vessel market. As the global supply vessel market will significantly impact the Brazilian market, I would like to first present our view on the global market.

Global supply vessel market

We include Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) and Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels in this market segment. Today, we have about 2,500 supply vessels in operation and about 350 vessels under construction. About 60% of the fleet is AHTS and 40% is PSV. Analyzing the supply vessel market, we normally split the market in a Harsh & Deepwater segment (H&D) and a Shallow & Benign segment. We include AHTS with more than 10,000 horsepower capacity (BHP) and PSV with more than 2,000 deadweight tons (dwt) in the H&D segment and smaller capacity supply vessels in the S&B segment. H&D includes all water depths in the North Atlantic and the rest of the world in water depths above 100 meter while S&B includes rest of the world in water depths less than 100 meter. Nearly 45% of the supply vessel fleet is included in the H&D category.

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