The Project:

The PreSal 36 ROM JIP is a project for the development of a powerful Regional Ocean Model of 1/36 of a degree resolution, nested in an existing Global Ocean global Model, Mercator PSY4, at a resolution of 1/12 degree, with high resolution atmospheric forcing (every 3 hours).

The simulation outputs will be the 3 dimensional structure of the velocity fields (u,v,w) at 50 vertical levels over the water column, including geostrophic, Ekman and tidal currents, together with Temperature, Salinity and sea surface height at a sub-mesoscale spatial resolution.

Simulations will run in hindcast, nowcast and forecast modes, with a temporal resolution of at least 3 hours.

The Applications:

This Ocean current model will allow to perform detailed statistical studies on various areas using conditions analysed using hindcast mode, short term operational condition prediction for various surface and subsea operations using real-time and Forecast capabilities.

The First Results & Conclusion:

The paper will present the first publication of significant results of the project, in term of pre-sal zoomed model implementation, and high resolution model validation.


This project demonstrate the feasibility of obtaining accurate information for engineering studies and operational conditions, based on a "zoom technique" starting from global ocean models. Application can be transposed to any other area of interest such as GOM, North of the Golfe of Guinea (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, etc.)

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