This paper describes the SPM Integrity Management approach using risk based strategies for Single Point Mooring (SPM) throughout its asset life cycle, to ensure that there is a structural integrity management processes are implemented and SPM asset fitness for purpose is always maintained. SPM is one of the most important assets for any oil and gas upstream business, as its primary function is for product export and offloading operations. PETRONAS UPSTREAM currently operate seven (7) Single Point Mooring (SPM) assets for its Malaysia Upstream/ Downstream. To manage the integrity of the SPMs, an Integrity Management system has been developed and includes newer assets and those that are approaching or exceeding design lives.

To optimize and focus limited resources toward critical activities, a SPM risk-based strategy and methodology for the SPM assets has been developed. The risk based inspection approach is aligned with the Structural Integrity Management (SIM) processes of DATA, EVALUATION, STRATEGY PROGRAM of the API RP2SIM code of practice. A qualitative risk based integrity management has been developed and for its implementation, inspection and maintenance activities shall target high expenditure items. SPM design, characteristic, assessment, and inspection data have been compiled and utilized in the risk based approach development.

With this risk-based approach, PETRONAS can optimize and significantly reduce its inspection and maintenance activities whilst keeping operational risk levels within acceptable limits. The risk-based approach provides that added advantage to look at inspections and maintenance activities critically and make informed decisions on resourcing and aligning inspection & maintenance campaigns for the future.

Inspection and maintenance measures also include an anomaly management, RBI, data management and inspections scopes of work which are being digitized and maintained within the Company's Structural Integrity Compliance System (SICS).

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