Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) allows for the processing of LNG to be done offshore, hundreds of kilometers away from land. Its versatility enables the unlock the gas reserves in remote and stranded fields that were previously uneconomical to explore, making it possible to monetize those fields far out at sea. In order to fast track the project, an evaluation of the new feed gas composition and modification of both upstream and FLNG facilities was conducted. The identified Long Lead Items (LLI) initiated and studies being conducted in-house to secure the items. An integrated upstream facilities and FLNG team had been established for the execution of the project. In March 2019, the floating LNG unit embarks to fulfill its technological life cycle and was relocated to monetize another stranded field some 450km away from its original location. The overall journey of the relocation took 13 months to complete, right from the inception of the idea to the first drop of LNG in Sabah waters. This paper serves to share Petronas experience in overcoming the challenges of the facility's relocation, starting from selecting the new field until the loading of LNG at the new location.

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