The production in oilfield "A" in South China Sea is reducing dramatically, with known fine-grain migration into the near-wellbore area. The heavy oil inunconsolidated sandstone is water drive reservoir. It featured high content of clay (>10%). Gravel packing and screen are used to prevent the sand production.Oil recovery is low due to the water-break through (WBT) in this field.

Continuous Pack-off Inflow Control Devices (CPI) is a proprietary water controltechnique including two operational steps: first run ICD strings,and theninject special designed proppants into the wellbore annulus. The results show this technique iscost-effective, and reliable oil recovery method.

This paper presents a method of using ICD and CPI particles to maximize oil recovery in sandstones.Compared with other water control methods, the CPI advanced them by delaying/reducing water invasion. The case stuy in the well showntheproductionis stablein 12 months without sanding issue. wellswith ICD andswellable packers often lost production because of the accumulation of the fine- grain and plugging around the screens. The wellwith gravel packing reached water cut of 70 % at a cumulative oil of 6000 cubic meters whilethe well with CPI technique shown water cut of 10 %when produced 6000 cubic meters oil.

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