With the current format of SIDs being completely different each project and manually typed in every rigs, improving operational performance based on lessons learned can be quite complicated. The digitalization of Standing Instruction to Driller (SID) can help to overcome this pain point by standardizing and synchronizing SIDs throughout company's operations globally. The paper approaches the subject by introducing a much leaner and seamless method in registering an SID. This can be achieved by having relevant drilling personnel to pick and choose from a common database of SIDs which is frequently updated and verified via web-based platform. The dropdown will be automatically filtered by the application according to the BHA and/or other relevant filter categories chosen. Digital SID drafting process will begin after Notice of Operations (NOOP) has been completed. Information from the NOOP will be populated in the Digital SID platform with all the required associated details including but not limited to BHA designs, hole sections, depths, procedures and lessons learned. These SIDs will have to be agreed and approved by assigned personnel prior to the execution of the operation. Since the solution is capable to create a high quality SID which is readable by both human and machine, it can be integrated with real-time sensors to provide automatic detection for every operation in the SIDs. Therefore, implementation of this Digital SID solution can sustain SIDs consistency across different projects and capable to embed insights in context for future reference. Direct business value created from Digital SID improves process cycle efficiency in a project well life cycle.

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