While industrial revolution 4.0 transforming the manufacturing industry with the adoption of computers and enhanced with smart and autonomous system that comes with big data and machine learning capability, operators in oil and gas industry also embarked on its evolution, advancing in end-to-end project delivery efficiency through simplification and transformation, with the objective to deliver best-in-class project in a consistent manner.

This paper demonstrates a few key changes implemented by Civil, Structural and Offshore Engineering discipline to support the project delivery evolution by referring to a recent wellhead platform project Shell delivered. The principles of simplification and transformation were embraced since the early front end development phase, started from competitive scoping through the development of an intent/requirements-based technical requirements tailored to the project, considered all the key and relevant lessons learnt from respective operator combined with widely referred industry specifications. An intend-based design driven by efficient execution strategy has also shorten the fabrication and installation duration where early Mechanical Completion can be achieved by carefully bringing forward certain scope to front-end loading (FEL) with contractor's commitment to work within a stretched, proper-defined boundaries.

Another key change project implemented is through the enhancement in supply chain model that aims to accelerate the delivery schedule. Contractors were empowered and took full accountability under the EPC contract, after alignment of project intent, goals and owner/contractor interest. Cross-organization collaboration between operating units also allow project and/or sub-systems across projects to approach market in a joint campaign, benefits all parties from economy of scale.

The ultimate purpose of having efficient project delivery is to drive CAPEX down, enable more marginal fields development become economically feasible. Through the standardization of design requirements and smart replication, this will become the new baseline (in term of cost and schedule) to deliver future standard wellhead platform and transforming wellhead platform delivery to something like block manufacturing industry.

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