In a conventional shallow water field development with dry trees, fixed platforms are utilized to support the topsides processing facilities, dry-tree wellheads and well conductors. The fixed platform can be a fully integrated platform or a dedicated process platform and a wellhead platform. A new innovative integrated processing and wellhead platform concept by means of a suspended conductor guide support frame which is retractable, provides an alternative for the structural design of facilities for dry-tree field developments. This conductor guide support frame concept is developed for a Self-Installing Platform (SIP) such that it can support well conductors and dry trees, besides the processing facilities similar to a conventional fixed platform and does not require the mobilization of a heavy lift vessel for installation. Being self-installable, it can be easily deployed and redeployed at different sites and hence is suitable for marginal fields developments. A case study has been performed on this concept and the in-service structural stress and fatigue performance of the conductors have been verified based on design parameters for a typical development offshore Peninsular Malaysia. The range of suitable applications of this SIP with conductor guide support frame concept is presented.

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