As the oil and gas industry moves towards deep waters in search of hydrocarbon, production risers are unequivocally affected by it. A key factor is a dynamic behavior as it may lead to increased loads on the platform (floater), especially under severe environmental conditions.

This paper serves to analyze and compare the dynamic behavior between different kinds of production risers (Steel Catenary Risers, Flexible Dynamic Risers, and Free Standing Hybrid Risers) and their impact on the floating production platform (floater) in an actual field environment. The basic cost comparison is carried out briefly to assess their suitability in deep waters.

The production risers are modeled on Spar floater subjected to environmental conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. Hydrodynamic data such as added mass and damping coefficients, forces and motion Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs) of the Spar are first obtained using the simulation software MOSES through uncoupled analysis. Subsequently, coupled dynamic analysis is performed for the production risers using the dynamic analysis software OrcaFlex.Results and discussion evaluate the impact of the dynamic behavior and stress of the production risers as well as the cost.

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