PETRONAS is operating more than 10,000km of offshore and onshore pipeline systems. Inspection and monitoring is one of the element in the Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) where it covers critical activities to ensure high integrity and reliability of business operation for transportation of oil, gas and petrochemical products. This will further identify the risk and manage the pipeline through its operating design life. PETRONAS currently facing new challenges in managing onshore pipeline with girth weld anomaly and stress-strain issue due to geohazard threat.

This paper will describe the inspection options that have been evaluated in addressing stress-strain and girth weld anomaly threats. MFL technology with enhanced inspection capabilities coupled with Geopig are the most reliable technology to ascertain the weldment integrity threat as well as stress-strain of the pipeline.

The replication of inspection tool selection can be applied for offshore pipelines having issues/challenges with respect to geohazards i.e. faults, gas pockets that can induce movement, differential settlement of seabed etc.; and weldment quality verification. The enhanced MFL inspection technology is also collaboration between PETRONAS, local vendor and international inspection company.

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