Managing asset Integrity has been a long inconvenient issue to many ageing assets in Malaysian waters. As the Oil and Gas business grows and matured, so have the assets. Often time direct solutions are not available due to complexity of the problems. As asset operator, it is our responsibility to find life extension solution to keep the hubs full and remains competitive. With the advancement in technology and creative mindset, large system can be subdivided into smaller systems and solved one at a time before reintegrated into the larger system which forms the backbone of finite element analysis method.

This paper will illustrate some of the asset integrity issues faced by shallow and deep-water platforms. The three selected asset integrity examples include a topside beam with cut-out, well casing material loss and stress joint fatigue life extension. A step by step fit for purpose solution along with the challenges faced and mitigation measures taken was documented in this paper. For beam with cut-out, the 2D beam model is compared against the 3D model concentrating on the stress flow pattern and stress concentration factor. For well casing material loss, discussion evolved on how strengthening can be minimized by simply repositioning the bolt location. For stress joint fatigue life extension, the limitation of an axis-symmetry model in capturing bending moment and the conservatisms of applying an equivalent tension load to simulate the bending action was discussed. Simplified solutions are often associated with conservative result which is not necessarily true. Simplified solution in this context is a method to break the complex system into simpler system and solve using minimum resources, time and cost. The aim is to share knowledges with fellow operators on ways to maximize the niche manpower to do less with less.

In conclusion, by simplifying the complex system coupled with 3D advanced analysis tools, the integrity of the asset remained intact, reduces the need of periodic inspection/ parts replacement and opens-up opportunity for life extensions. The same concept can be replicated for other similar projects and be mindful that FEA do not solve all problem, but people do.

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