According to the meteorological and oceanographic data of wind and current speeds; these data provide valuable input for designing power converters as free green power resources. Owing to the current speeds of the ocean which are between 0.5 to 2.5 m/s, the multi-directional Drag Marine Vertical Axis Current Turbine (DM-VACT) can be a potential free green renewable energy resource. Having a few of these turbines working together in arrays or farms can considerably supply power to the nearshore and offshore platforms. This system can significantly reduce the offshore platform fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The paper presents DM-VACT and investigates its operational performance. The results show that the turbine has a power coefficient of 19 % and torque coefficient of 76 % at an average designed speed of 1 m/s. Moreover, the simulation results show that the turbine can produce about 24 KW at the current speed of 2 m/s. Moreover, having a larger amount of these turbines in a farm with the oblique arrangement of multi-turbines at on side layout comprising ten DM-VACTs and occupying an area of 370 m X 10 m can produce about 280 to 290 KW. The other farm configuration comprising eleven turbines is based on the V type layout; it can occupy an area of 210 m X 100 m and produce about 305 KW. The results show that the system in arrays can produce and supply the offshore platform with significant power. Integrating this multi-turbines system with an offshore power system as a hybrid solution can contribute to fuel savings and in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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