In PTT Exploration and Production PLC. (PTTEP), there are five (5) types of audit, i.e. SSHE MS, SSHE MS - Specific Subject, Technical Safety, Specialist, and OE Management System Audits of both Corporate and site levels. To effectively manage audit findings until closeout, the web-based Audit Tracking System (ATS) was developed and being used as a tool for capturing, handling and reporting the audit findings or nonconformities.

The design and development of web-based ATS are based on a standardised audit process as described in the ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems. The ATS is constructed into three (3) main parts, including audit general information, audit finding and recommendation, and corrective and preventive action. By embedding electronic workflows within the system, audit finding corrective actions resulting from the root cause analysis will be systematically managed and closed out within a timely manner. Furthermore, system notifications (reminder and escalation notifications) and active dashboards categorised by the audited entity and audit report are built in the ATS.

As a result of the implementation of ATS since 2015, more than 90% of high severity audit findings related to both Corporate and site level audits are effectively closed out. Status of audit findings categorised by the audited entities and audit reports are centralised and real-time tracked and monitored. Resources and time used for managing assigned tasks as per audit process are optimised, particularly in terms of administrative cost and time-saving. Additionally, active dashboards provide all users with update status of audit findings. They are also used for data analysis and identifying areas of improvement.

With the web-based ATS functions, audit finding corrective actions can be taken into account in order to prevent recurrence or occurrence of non-conformance, and before potential hazards turn into major incidents.

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