The subject of this study is a Subsea Production System comprising of two (2) subsea gas production wells. The gas, condensate and water from the wells are sent to a processing platform via 4.71 km 24" subsea pipeline. The two wells are independently connected to a production manifold with 12" branch lines and 2 off 12" headers, each with its own dedicated HIPPS module (as shown in Figure 1). The manifold-mounted integrated HIPPS units are SIL 3 rated to protect the pipeline system, which also includes a Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL), from an overpressure condition as the pipeline has lower design pressure than the Subsea System. The two wells are then commingled in the PLET via 2 off 12" headers.

The operation of the subsea facilities is monitored, controlled and operated from a Central Processing Platform (CPP), through electro-hydraulic-chemical umbilical running to the two subsea wells. Utilities for subsea facilities (e.g. electrical power, chemical injection and hydraulic fluid) are also supplied from the CPP.

A Full Field Review (FFR) study has been conducted to identify and implement (as far as possible) opportunities for increasing production and improving recovery factor, maximizing asset value of the subsea field. At time of writing a detailed facility evaluation is being performed as part of the Full Facility Review. The result and findings from the FFR form the basis for future development, identifying potential bottlenecks, key risk or opportunity areas on existing facilities.

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