Permanent abatement of CO2 has become a major challenge in many gas field developments especially within this South –East Asia region. Among the challenges are on how to dispose or utilize this huge amount anthropogenic CO2 safely and economically. Therefore, the objective of this study is to identify the best technology for non-catalytic CO2 Direct utilization to manage and support economic development of high CO2 gas field in Malaysia. A Market survey was conducted to a few shortlisted technologies to assess on the technology landscape and the market potential. The feedback was analyzed based on the criteria established on the basis of company requirement. From the study, ‘Mineral Carbonation’ has been identified as one of the potential technology solution for permanent sequestration of CO2 in Malaysia. The future of this technology application is very promising due to the availability of the local feedstock, mineral waste and the potential market of this product especially for carbonate product such as precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC). However, this technology still possesses some technical challenges due to slow kinetic reaction. For a large scale application, this will become more demanding especially in terms of footprint as the current technology is mainly on batch process. Therefore, the current R&D should look into area where this process kinetic can be improved and to look into continuous or semi-continuous process for smaller footprint.

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