Gas hydrate formation poses a significant threat to the production, processing, and transportation of natural gas. Accurate predictions of gas hydrate equilibrium conditions are essential for designing the gas production systems at safe operating conditions and mitigating the problems caused by hydrates formation. A new hydrate correlation for predicting gas hydrate equilibrium conditions was obtained for different gas mixtures containing methane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The new correlation is proposed for a pressure range of 1.7-330 MPa, a temperature range of 273-320 K, and for gas mixtures with specific gravity range of 0.553 to 1. The nonlinear regression technique was applied to develop the correlation based on 142 experimental data points collected from literature, validated with 85 data points not used for developing the correlation. The statistical parameters analysis showed an average absolute error (AAPE) of 0.2183, a squared correlation coefficient (R2) of 0.9978 and standard deviation (SD) of 0.2483. In addition, comparing the new correlation results with the experimental data and with those calculated by other correlations show an excellent performance for the investigated range.

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