Back then, communication between rig-site and town was a huge challenge, even in Malaysia where the first offshore drilling started in the 1960s. During those days, offshore rigs and platform seems isolated and communication was only done via phone call and fax machine which has resulted in very delayed information, and at some point, causes difficult decision making.

However, as to date, real-time communication is no longer sounds alien to many people. In fact, it has become common terms that has been widely used in many other industries. With the emergence of sophisticated drilling software and a standard communication protocol, a real-time operation centre is typically occupied with multiple software with different function and capabilities to aid the drilling operation.

Having an integrated real-time operation centre equipped with high technology software and coupled with subject matter experts in one room has often leads to efficiency and consistency while drilling especially when encountering complex drilling environment. This set-up has enable high level of collaboration starting from planning phase, drilling execution and post job phase, knowing that all domain experts' works from a single data source, where all decisions & modifications made are agreed upon.

Pacing in this digital era, Oil and Gas operators and service providers now aims to embark on digital transformation to elevate their ability and agility to thrive in digital environment as an effort to be ahead of competitors. Having lots of data coming from various sources; leads this industry in this big data world. As technology is advancing at the speed of sound, the industry has now starting to talk about drilling automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics. To be able to do this, the people and the data itself must be ready for it, digitally and technically.

This paper will talk about where we are now in regards with digitalization, explaining in detail how an integrated real time centre solution being deployed in operator's office together with the services provided and how we are preparing ourselves for digitalization to catch up with the fast pace of digitalization era.

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