Production data analysis is the key to provide pertinent reservoir information in-terms of reservoir container volume, depletion mechanism, reservoir connectivity and well performances. This study focused on the analytical methods such as Rate Transient Analysis (RTA), Flowing Material Balance (FMB), Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) and analytical simulation as an integrated approach toward enhanced production data analysis in the oil fields. The idea of FMB has been introduced by Mattar (1997) and it is generally applied to determine the oil or gas in-place volumes using flowing pressure data (Mattar and Anderson, 2005). The main objective of this study was to establish a standardized methodology for production data analysis, illustrate its added value to reservoir performance monitoring as well as its advantages for well test design and how it would help for cost optimization during an expensive Extended Well Test (EWT) for an exploration well.

In this paper, the above mentioned methods and workflow is elaborated and a case study using this integrated approach is discussed for better understanding of the methodology.

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