FIELD ‘A’ Project is presented as a low cost development concept for marginal oil field. The development concept consists of wellhead platform with a full well stream evacuation scheme through a flexible flow line to FPSO for further processing and subsequently for export. The unutilized associated gas is flared. As a part of cost reduction strategy and incentive, the Host Authority has approved a new contract model and technological approaches for implementation.

FIELD ‘A’ Project is undertaken and monetized via a new approach of marginal oil field development under the Risk Service Contract (RSC). The uniqueness of the FIELD ‘A’ development concept is the technological introduction of re-locatable type fixed asset using Suction Pile Technology (SPT) for jacket installation thus allowing it to be transported and utilized at other potential marginal field within the asset design life. SPT is a traditional jacket with integrated suction pile foundation, which triggered significant benefit and long term cost reductions in the fabrication and offshore installation.

The 1100 MT jacket is designed using suction pile technology that enables the platform to be relocated to other potential marginal field. SPT is proven to be a highly efficient and very swift concept where the jacket offshore installation campaign can be successfully executed in less than 24 hours as compared to the conventional jacket installation, which require several days of pile driving. Fabrication costs are reduced significantly since no requirement on the pile sleeves, catchers, centralizers, mud mats, and leveling pad eyes. Substantially, SPT jacket is proven to be that of one of the most cost effective in comparison to other re-locatable type offshore mobile facilities such as MOPU and MOAB. SPT is also integrated with scour protection; hence no seabed preparation or rock dumping is required. Therefore, the offshore campaign for SPT would promote lower installation cost, improved schedule and most importantly safety. In conclusion, the jacket with integrated suction pile foundation promotes and accordingly justifies the development of marginal field.

In the current environment of low oil price, developing a new marginal field in such a way is necessary so as to maintain or improve the overall economic of the project. This fit for purpose and hybrid SPT concept with a rigid substructure that can be easily relocated is definitely worth to be implemented.

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