Geographic location provides an advantage on solar, however the climate effects the efficiency of solar across one year. Monsoon session of average 3 – 4 months in a year, with heavy rain through out Sept till Dec continue to 1 – 2 months early of the years, effect the efficiency of PV system. However, within this season, it is observed that wind has a potential as energy source for wind turbine. Prove ofconcept provide some promising early data of potential utilization of wind turbine.

Solar energy and wind data gathering is crucial to size the maximum potential generation of alternative anergy. Based on the meteorological data, Malaysia wind record in average of 3m/swhichis near to impossible to generate wind energy. Turbine technology advancement exploit into smallpower machine generating power at minimum wind speed, producing power in the range of 3 – 5 kW. While solar identified and static technology, hybrid with wind would be the best solutions to overcome climatic change at offshore.

POC data indicates solar-wind energy generation ratio would be at70:30. However, special circuit system to hybrid solar and wind shall be developed and the initial design has been proven for hybrid system. Based on optimum generation system hybrid power wind solar would provides the generation capacity in the range of 3 – 6 kW, suitable and sufficient for typical small field development. The load enough to supply to instrument SCADA and field instrument system and communication. Proven system currently can be replicated to other selected small field development.

The wind turbine solar hybrid provides alternative generation which currently install in small field such TEG or Micro-turbine or CCVT. Combining both static technology and rotating machine provide high efficiency and reliable green technology for small filed development.

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