Geological interpretation based on the seismic attributes can enhance the accuracy of the interpretation. According to Chopra and Marfurt (2007), seismic attribute is any measure of seismic data that can help in enhancing or quantifying features of interpretation interest. There are a lot of seismic attributes and it is hard to choose. The results are based on the computation of the seismic attributes on the offshore of the Peninsular Malaysia. The methodology of the seismic attributes starting from the condition of the data in order to get the best results from the computation of seismic attributes. The condition of the data might give high influence to the seismic attributes computation. Seismic attributes were computed based on the previous researchers' suggestions on the best seismic attributes that can be used to compute the structural features. Interesting structural features which are important in the geological interpretation like fault can be defined in this study area. Based on the results, there are a few types of the seismic attributes which were suggested are suitable and can be applied to the study area and there are a few types which are still can be in doubt and can be in debatable. As a conclusion, the applications of the seismic attributes need to be handled attentively as it might show artifacts. In this case, a few key wells need to be applied in order to validate the geological features especially structural features in this study area. The accuracy of the features can only be confirmed based on the well data for example FMI log. The approach of using various seismic attributes will introduce different types of interesting features for structural study, which might be beneficial in geological interpretation.

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