The construction of the Malikai Tension Leg Platform (TLP) hull involved the fabrication and assembly of sixteen (16) blocks with nodes, columns and pontoons ranging in weight from 300 MT to nearly 1,000 MT. A fabrication and assembly plan with an aggressive skyline schedule of 17-months completion was put in place together with a project-centric and dedicated production engineering to ensure all drawings were issued in line with the requirements of the schedule.

Prior to construction start-up, a mock-up involving the actual construction of one (1) block segment was planned to be carried-out to check on the constructability of the drawings and workability of allocated facilities and jig devices. The mock-up construction of one (1) node block segment which commenced in January 2013 became a barometer to determine the readiness of personnel and facilities involved including drawings and constructional devices such as the bending and welding jigs. The success of the mock-up ultimately paved the way for the April 2013 start of fabrication for the lower parts of the hull consisting of four (4) corner nodes and four (4) connecting pontoons.

With a Command Centre and a War Room for coordinating and reporting inter-actions combined with three (3) concurrent subcontractors and a workforce of over 1,000 personnel, construction work moved forward and progressed steadily up to the four (4) lower columns. And by January 2014, fabrication and assembly of the remaining four (4) upper columns were underway. Two (2) months later, integration of the hull started with the first node block being erected in place followed by the adjoining pontoons a month later. Finally by March 2015, the last upper column block was erected thereby completing the final stage of hull integration.

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