This paper discusses on the introduction of Operational Excellence (OE) implementation during drilling operation. It highlights the culture of continuous learning and communication between all parties prior and during executing a specific operation. This resulted in noticeable improvement throughout the drilling campaign.

Operational Excellence (OE) is an initiative that has been introduced to enhance the drilling performance in meeting the goal of drilling to technical limit. It comprises of continuous communication and teamwork between operator and service providers. This process is a continuous circle which begins with preparing the Standing Instruction for Driller (SID) which will then be reviewed during the Drilling Well on Paper (DWOP) session and prior to executing the job. Upon completion of the job, After Action Review (AAR) will be conducted where best practices and improvement would be identified to be captured in the database for the lesson learned which will be incorporated in the next operation.

The success of this initiative can be highly reflected by the improvement of the drilling performance throughout the drilling campaign. The first 2 wells (new slot & side-track well) was used as the baseline drilling performance. In these first 2 wells, Invisible Lost Time (ILT), offline activities opportunity, and many performance gaps were identified during the AAR and Lesson Learn (LL) session. These are then incorporated in the SID during the planning and execution of the following wells. The improvements on the performance of the following wells can be perceived by the drilling Key Performance Index (KPI). The Well Costs Per Foot (WCPF) and Drilling Costs Per Foot (DCPF) improved from 10% below budget to 50% below budget on the last well of the campaign. The Drilling Days Per Thousand Feet (DDPTF) has improved from 40% above the allocated days to 20% below the allocated days. These continuous drilling improvement also improved the Non-Productive Time (NPT) from above 10% to below 1% in the last well of the campaign.

The successful of the Operational Excellence (OE) implementation during completing this drilling campaign will become the new culture for planning, designing and executing future drilling operation.

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