The proposed method for ocean surface wave is carried out by a statistical analysis of the x-band marine radar image. In particular, by using the Fast Fourier Transform in 3-dimensional method and the linear dispersion relation derives a parameter of the ocean wave such as significant wave height and peak wave period.

For the ocean surface wind measurements using radar cross section, and the image superposition method is used. Signal to Noise Ratio is used to measure wave height and wind velocity.

Wave height, wave period, wind velocity, and wind direction were used for a long period of time, measuring the data from the IEODO ocean research station in Republic of Korea to the validation. In addition, compared with the measurement results of the light beacon in the radar image boundary and radar system located on the coast. The results were in good agreement with the quantitative analysis, the possibility of commercialization could be founded. Comparison data were obtained through the cooperation of the Republic of Korea Meteorological Administration and the National Oceanographic Research Institute.

It is possible to use the measurement of wind and wave radar mounted on ships and offshore plants. This system benefits the efficiency of the plant operation.

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