XX-1 is a newly drilled well in Ravva field in eastern coast of India deviated to 70 deg and completed with a 6? Open-hole section. The initial completion plan for the sand prone well was to complete with stand alone screens for a single pay zone. During drilling, additional pay zones were encountered which necessitated completing the well with zonal selectivity using sand-screens with SSD. Selective completion required thru tubing intervention to operate the SSDs and produce selectively.

Due to high deviation, intervening with slick line was very challenging whereas coiled tubing operations had its own limitations which are discussed in the paper. Hence it was decided to use Electro-hydraulic stroking tool along with motorable tool sections to convey tools in the high angle well.

While shifting SSDs with hydraulic stroking tool, frequent held ups and stuck points were observed across all SSDs which made it difficult to confirm shifting key location with reference to SSD sleeve profile and hence confirm SSD opening. This resulted in unsuccessful attempts and tool failures. A detailed analysis was carried out to ascertain the probable cause of multiple held ups within the screen SSDs and to find out other ways to shift the sleeve. Trouble shooting was performed by combining video recording of shifting attempts at surface in an unused screen section along with engineering drawings of the screen. Based on trouble shooting results, shifting procedures were modified accordingly to precisely engage the shifting tool with SSD profile and SSDs were successfully opened. The stroker system also proved useful in opening a circulation SSD which enabled the well to be brought on line.

This paper describes operational difficulties encountered and innovative ideas implemented to shift SSDs. It also reviews job planning, trouble shooting and execution, as well as reports the lessons learnt to derive best practices for future similar operations.

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