This paper describes how the adoption of Dope-Free connections is simplifying and improving the operational performance of Casing and Tubing operations and a methodology to analyze the efficiency of running operations.

Dope-Free connections are tubular connections with a multifunctional dry coating applied to their threads and seal areas in a controlled industrial environment that eliminates the need for storage and running thread compounds during the tubulars' full life. The impact of Dope-Free connection in an operation can be easily quantified by using readily available data. This is performed by analyzing the connection make-up charts (torque vs turns) of Dope-Free and standard connections from running operations.

Most connection problems and failed installations occur at the well site, driven by inexperience personnel, improper execution, and/or wrong interpretation of the make-ups caused by variability on the behavior of thread dopes under different environments. Removing the thread compound from the connection reduces the risk by having a lower possibility of miscommunications, connection damage, improper procedures, and applying the wrong dope. Although initially driven by environmental issues, the elimination of storage and running compounds from Casing and Tubing strings brings an array of benefits, from improved operational performance and HSE to well productivity. Operators experiences, after a short learning curve, showed great reductions in installation time, reduction on connections re-make ups and rejects along with improvement on workers' Health & Safety conditions by eliminating unsafe tasks and creating cleaner work areas, and minimization of the environmental impact.

The rig time saved due to less remake-ups and rejects of a Dope-Free connections running compared to standard connections can be easily converted to economic savings. This is especially important for offshore operations where high daily rate cost rigs are used.

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