More than 1000 gravel pack zones have been completed using Multi Zone Single Trip Gravel Pack (MZ-STGP) system in Mahakam block, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The system has been proven to be cost effective solution to produce multi layered sand prone reservoirs. The current challenge is to further cutting completion cost to produce marginal reservoirs which can not be produced even using already established MZ-STGP.

Three areas of improvement are explored based on database of more than 250 wells. The first one is reducing gravel pack pumping operation time. The second option is to extend total gross length of MZ-STGP to complete more reservoirs. Another improvement to be looked at is to replace Gravel Pack (GP) with alternative sand control solution.

Using innovative design of shunt tube, MZ-STGP wells can be completed with more than 700 m gross interval and simultaneously pumping several zones. At the same time, extensive optimizations have been done to extend length coverage of MZ-STGP. One of the improvements is by using fit for purpose single string design. The other alternative is to use alternative sand control methods. Encouraging results were gathered from initial production test from pilot wells. To date, four wells were completed with ceramic screen completion and one well with shaped memory polymer.

The success of initial pilot gives a good base for improving and confirming reduction of completion cost. Industrialization of combined solutions may lead to access to reservoirs previously considered as non economical.

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